What’s in my handbag? Everyday in the Winter season…

P1010604The last what’s in my bag post I made, there was a ridiculous amount of stuff in there! Since my last post, I moved to London and am out and about a lot so a lot of things have changed. Without further ado, here is my updated version!

As you can see, I changed my bag. It’s very similar to the Celine Paris tote except not nearly so expensive! It’s the perfect size for me as it’s not as big as my Zara Office City bag but I can get all my essentials in there perfectly!

There is a zip pocket at the front but I never use it and this bag has one large zipped compartment. Within that compartment there is a small zipper pocket on the back side and two small pockets on the front side where I keep my mobile phone, and my card holder with my university ID, keycard, oyster card and any train tickets.

Because it’s the winter season I have my cute woolly hat from New Look and some gloves that I picked up from a small Christmas market in Kingston. They have the tips that you can still use touch screen phones with so they’re super handy.

I also have the ‘Hand Food’ hand cream from Soap & Glory and Vaseline’s ‘Rosy Lips’ balm, painkillers and Strawberry Strepsils. (Its definitely Winter!)

Other essentials include my purse which I also got from New Look, my headphones in a little box to keep them safe, clean and untangled, some chewing gum and, of course, hand sanitizer because I always seem to be on and off public transport!

I also currently have my kindle in my handbag because I made the long journey from London back north so I could be with my family for Christmas.

What do you have in your handbag?

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