What’s It Like To Work From Home

Hello lovelies, me again. I’ve increased my blogging schedule to include three blog posts a week and I am, so far, successful! Huzzah! I thought I would just enlighten anyone curious about going rogue for their career with a brief post on what it’s like to work from home.


The Expectations

We’ve all thought about it at some point. When it’s terrible weather and too early and you’re dragging yourself out of bed to get to work on time, you’ve thought ‘I wish I could work from home‘. There are definitely a lot of expectations that come with that and these were mine. I thought I would have more time, I thought I would be able to cram in more hobbies, I thought I’d lay in bed all morning and finish by the afternoon. I thought it would be easy. I thought I would have less work.

The Reality

A job is a job so, no matter how much people tell you you’re lucky and you must be so chill, you understand that there are responsibilities and deadlines. Further, whilst everyone else can have the off day at work and still be employed, only you have your own back. No one is vouching for you. You have to get stuff done. I get up at 6am, I work, I eat, I do more work, I try to stop when Adam comes home, but I pretty much have to work nights whenever there’s a tight deadline too. I definitely haven’t gained time in this process! It’s still something I’m working on!

The Prejudice

There’s definitely a lot of prejudice that comes from working from home. Because technically you can allow yourself to do nothing, people expect you to make the most of that. The logic is there: if you don’t get work, you don’t get money, if you do bad work, you ruin your professional reputation, work = livelihood. Working for yourself, if anything, provides the opportunity to earn more than you would in an office because you can take on work as you please. I have made use of this and exceeded my old wage by a lot – and in my very first month! You kind of just have to get used to the fact that people won’t get what you do. Especially if it’s in social media!

The Perks

There are definitely perks of working from home and I don’t want to leave this post on a low note! For one, you have flexible hours and can arrange work around your life, not the other way around. You can get stuff done while you work, for example, the washing machine is often always on in the background for me! I get to save money on travel and I get to save money on food. I can make fresh food in the kitchen on my lunch break. I can call the day’s work off if there is sunshine and work later that night. I can see more friends. I can work from anywhere. I can go on holiday whenever. I can take last-minute time out. It can be pretty chill when managed properly!

If you’re thinking of taking your skills to the market yourself then I would just say, definitely manage your expectations and your time! If you can do that, take the plunge.



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