When it Rains ; Café Breaks


Hello lovelies,

Autumn has brought with it rain. It doesn’t actually rain in London all that often and I feel like that makes me appreciate it when it does happen. I hate getting caught in the rain, obviously. It makes my hair dirty and my clothes go sodden and I catch a cold and grump about in wet soggy socks. But when I can see rainclouds ahead and things are quiet, I can plan to be inside.

I like to sit in a mess of pillows on my bed and open the windows to the safety latch. The smell of the cool air being refreshed by the downpour is heavenly, the sound of the pitter patter raindrops on the floors, roof and windows is rhythmic and I achieve a sense of smugness and appreciation on a whole new level, just to know that I am inside, safe and dry.

This doesn’t get to happen often, of course. We all have busy lives and have to go to work and study and when we’re not at our jobs we still have to run errands and nip here and there or brave whatever weather because the people we’re meeting that day are a hundred times worth it.

I guess this is just a reminder to slow down. It’s okay to take shelter. Choose somewhere nice and cosy. Pop into a coffee shop en route amidst your obligations. Take off your coat, dry off your jeans and warm up your feet. Shake out your hair and get to see your companions with their hoods finally off!

I took this photo at a local café on my university campus on a day where I was tired and wet and bothered. I had been dashing to and fro to fix my contactless card and update my details and reset my passwords and enquire about textbooks and all sorts of menial tasks. I was anxious to get everything done before I had work 9 till 5 the very next day.

Taking a break wasn’t my idea, it was someone else’s but I needed it just as much, I just didn’t know it. As I said, this is just a reminder to treat yourself to that caramel latté you’ve been craving and desperately requiring and to chill out from worrying about getting everything done at once. No one is perfect. Have a laugh, a chat, warm up, take a pit stop and enjoy the spare time you have, even if it is just a quick 10 minutes!

Love and best wishes,

Hannah x


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