When it Rains…


Hello lovelies,

I have recovered from my stupid cold and have had the gardeners round only to discover that I cannot enjoy summer as I was hoping as it keeps bloomin’ raining! When the weather crushes all plans of pimms and sun tanning, I thought I would offer some alternative activities to avoid wasting a day feeling glum.

  1. Reading– you can still read a book even if it isn’t as marvellous as doing it laying on your front with the sun beating on your back. Instead, pour yourself a cuppa and snuggle up.
  2. TV– Netflix doesn’t let you down half as much as the weather does. Now that you have a day full of free time, you might as well watch that TV show that your best friend recommended weeks ago.
  3. Errands– I know running errands often means leaving the house and going to the shops or whatever, but there are some errands you can do from the comfort of your home. And hey, as it’s raining, what else are you gonna do? Sit down and answer the dozens of emails you’ve been meaning to respond to. Clear up your laptops files. Do the laundry so you can stop buying new underwear from Topshop and wear the 100 pairs in the washing pile. Maybe you could finally do the housework you’ve been pretending not to see. Or bleach those white converse you promised you’d keep clean.
  4. Wardrobe– A wardrobe needs a lot of loving. Rainy days are perfect for tidying it up, picking up the discarded tops hiding at the bottom, getting dirty, and wash them. Reorganise your clothes into sections: dresses, trousers, tee shirts, blouses… Maybe you’ll rediscover something you forgot you had- or realise you need to go shopping ASAP for some leggings without holes in.
  5. Bucketlisting– As much as rainy summers suck, it can be a chance to write down all the things you hope to do this summer when it stops raining. Go to that exhibition you missed last year, visit your friends for mini holidays at their place, scroll through the web for cheap getaways, jot down the directions to that vintage market you’ve been meaning to go to.

If none of these take your fancy then maybe just nap. Curl up next to a window and listen to the rain and think about how smug you are that you don’t have to leave the house today.

Love, Hannah x


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