Where Have I Been? Life, Uni and Gemma Collins?


I’ve been bad at blogging. I don’t think I have blogged for a month. Same old excuses really; uni got busy, life got in the way and I’ve been working. Also, I have noticed that my view count is just going up and up- so many people hit my page every single day and there’s been nothing new here for you which absolutely sucks, I completely failed you! But thank you for checking, I find it so strange and exciting that you do!

As a general update, I can tell you that second year at university is a bit more demanding than my first year and, with tutors setting schedules, I have had to really get my head down and get a lot done. Then there’s been work and life on top of that as a lot of things have happened in the last month that I never thought would and a few snippets of past people came crawling through the woodwork and life got a bit more interesting so there’s that.

Anyway, I am back, I hope everyone is well. I am actually a little bit gutted that I haven’t blogged because I had so many ideas for posts for Autumn that now I don’t really have time left to do so that sucks but more posts will be coming so do keep an eye out!

Whilst I have your attention, it was drawn to MY attention that the last blog post I did was about skinny shaming because the songs and trending topics and celebs were really irritating me by slamming slim people. If you remember, I showed a picture of Gemma Collins holding a sign that read ‘If you’re thin, you can’t come in’. I just found this really interesting because, having just gone into the jungle of  ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’, she is a popular topic of discussion lately.

There seems to be a 50/50 split of people, half of them commenting on her weight and the other half getting angry that people are commenting on her weight when she is flying the flag for larger ladies…

To the first half of those people, I’d say the same as I always do; that to comment on someone’s weight is often not received well and that it shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion. To the other half, however, I’d say that Gemma Collins would be an absolute disgrace and hypocrite if she expected people to not comment on her weight. For someone who slammed ‘thin’ people, she should have expected people to comment on her own physique. I find it all very amusing and I’m quite glad that it was my last post- how strange life can be sometimes!

Anyway, just letting you know I’m still alive.

Hannah x



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