Winter Skincare Routine / Holy Grail Recommendations


Hello lovelies,

It’s been a whole year since I have posted about skincare and I always find that this is the season where I need a good skincare regime the most. Winter dries my skin out and I have really dry skin anyway so the two really just don’t go well together. This post will be completely different to last year’s skincare routine because I use all different products except for my moisturiser which has stayed the same all year round! I think skincare gets forgotten about by most people so for the clueless among you, I thought I’d recommend the holy grail products you should definitely have.

I have recently struggled with cleansers being too harsh so, after trial and error, I have reached the conclusion that the best cleanser for my skin is the Liz Earle ‘Cleanse and Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser’. Its a gentle cream that you rub all over your dry face- even on your eyes – and it removes all make up. Run a muslin cloth under hot water and wipe the cleanser off, rinsing the cloth every so often to keep it clean. It leaves your face super clean, smooth and soft. It doesn’t irritate my skin or even my eyes and it’s not too expensive at £15 per 100ml!

I tend to leave my skin to do its own thing for bit after cleansing just because, no matter how gentle your cleanser is, cleansing does disturb the natural balance of oils on your face. After a short while I apply eye cream. I still love the Clinique ‘All About Eyes’ cream but lately I have been loving the Kiehl’s ‘Creamy Eye Treatment’ more. It’s a tad more dear at around £30 but I find it more nourishing and I don’t sleep great so I need it for my tired dry eyes! It’s quite thick so if you get it or already have it, note that you’re supposed to rub it a little in your fingers before application.

I then just use my Clinique ‘Moisture Surge’ and that’s my face done. I won’t go on about the moisturiser because I’m confident that it has been featured in three posts already! The short version: it feels more like a gel than a cream, is fresh and unfragranced, good for sensitive skin and leaves skin smooth and nourished! It’s my favourite moisturiser of all time and I couldn’t be without it.

I use this product first after cleansing but left it at the end of this post so that I could rave about it. Take this holy grail product as a suggestion; the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. Said to be the miracle of all make up artists and the love of every girls make up bag. Basically its for dry or chapped skin. The texture can only be described as being honey-like and I’m not a fan of the smell of it but it does wonders. I tend to put it around my nose and anywhere that’s dry and it is also especially effective on lips (just don’t lick it off like you would a fruity lip balm). It also suggests to use it on your cuticles which I haven’y tried yet but I imagine they’re right about that!

Besides from making my skin go from desert dry to smooth and hydrated (i.e. aiding in the smooth application of my foundation), this product allows me to wear the lipsticks that I thought I couldn’t. Usually I would avoid matte or bold lipsticks that either dry my lips out or emphasise and draw attention to the dry patches on my lips. By using this product regularly and applying it under lip products, I can wear whatever lipstick I fancy! It is, however, around the £28 mark I think but I feel like it’s worth it if you regularly struggle with dry or chapped skin.

Maybe hunt these products down?

Hannah x


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