Winter Skincare Survival: The Body Shop Haul

I have been suffering in what feels like the longest winter ever and have had to up my skincare game. Sensitive skin can be drastically worsened by dry air, central heating, cold climates and strong winds. I have found myself tearing my itchy skin apart most evenings and thought it would be useful to both myself and you lot if I trialled some products!


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Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath

Our new shower likes to keep us on our toes so I’ve been mostly using the bath but I know that they can be quite drying, especially if you’re sat in the wrong product! This bubble bath oil is gentle and soothing on the skin and it does leave skin feeling moisturised. It’s not a great bubble bath, as far as bubbles go, but it is helping with my winter skin so I still recommend it as part of your skincare routine!


Hemp Body Butter

I have raved about The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Cream far too much so I won’t bore you again but I thought that I’d pick up the body butter too. What I like about both is that they feel more like an oily balm than a watery moisturiser. They’re thick and form a protective layer on the skin and nourish for days! I’ve been applying this body butter night and day and after bathing but it definitely sticks around longer than any other skincare product. My skin is soothed enough to not itch and I’m basically not ever going naked skinned again. This product is a godsend!


Hemp Heavy Duty Lip Balm 

I still swear by my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for lips but I wanted something quicker, more compact and easier to apply. The lip balm is very creamy but glides on smoothly. It’s done wonders for my lips in just a week of use. They were so dry and cracking all over the place but this protects them from the weather, from central heating, from everything and has nourished them back to health. If this is my cheaper alternative then I’m so on board for it! (But it probably is more expensive than a lip balm usually is – but worth it!)


Drops of Youth Bouncy Eye Mask 

I’m not sleeping very well at the moment and my eyes are paying for it. Also, we’re in our twenties, we need to keep crows feet at bay! It’s never too soon to start thinking about anti-ageing skincare! This eye cream is really thick and gel-like and smoothes on easily. It’s very rich so you don’t need a lot of product but feels immediately cold and soothing on tired eyes. It’s lush and I’ve been applying it every night and, despite some sleepless nights, it still helps my eyes to look fresh even when they’re not!


I highly recommend, as we’ve still got a month of winter left to survive, that you make a big shopping splurge at The Body Shop. Their products are natural and effective but also cruelty free and if that’s not a cause to shout about I don’t know what is. Give your skin a drink!




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