Winter Wardrobes & Berry Colours

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Hello lovelies,

I have been embracing the colder weather lately and have so far managed to avoid looking like a frumpy snowman in all my many layers and still use bold and beautiful pieces in my staple winter wear.

Adam and I took a little stroll today because the sun was shining and you definitely have to make the most of that when you know that it can never last! I zipped up my winter boots and layered on a jumper, pulled on my plaid coat with the cuffs that match the boots and snuggled in a scarf that matched my bag and lips. I actually really adore this outfit and we got some really great shots so I thought I might share with you guys the winter trends that I have been loving!




I have never been a coat crazy kind of gal but this winter I ditched my huge eskimo coat for something a little more on trend and picked up this beautiful plaid coat. It gives something a little different to any look which means you can get as lazy as you want underneath it or as crazy and mixed patterns as the mood takes you. I love how the brown cuffs compliment my winter boots.

My big winter boots are from Clarks- a place I never imagined myself shopping for shoes! They are so warm and thick and cozy and comfortable though and I like that they still look nice and not too chunky. The soles are so thick that I won’t slip on wet leaves, frost, or even the snow that we are destined to get this year.

My jeans are plain black Molly jeans from River Island, of course. I fell in love with these jeans whilst I was working at River Island because they are the comfiest jeans ever- and this is coming from a leggings lover! I got these for free as part of my RI allowance but I will have all the pricing details in the ‘Shop This Post’ at the bottom of the post!

I tucked a plain white lace cami into the high rise of my jeans and shrugged on my soft cream light casual jumper from Urban Outfitters because it isn’t too hot or too cold.

My burgundy scarf is such a must-have as I am loving the colour and it is so soft and just the right length and adds a new dimension to the outfit as it completely clashes with the coat and mixed clashing patterns are my thing right now.

My bag, I am in love with, and I think it has already made it’s debut on the blog so I shan’t say too much about it. The colour is so rich and matches my scarf and lips. Berry lips are, of course, to be taken full advantage of over winter time where it is acceptable to dare to go bolder. This shade is from Rimmel and I will go into further detail in the STP.


I am taking a lot more photographs lately so I thought I would include a few as it was one of those days where everything the sunlight landed on became really vibrant and colourful. Everything turns grey and dark so quickly over winter time that we forget that there is colour and life outside, you just only get a short window of time to get to see it.






‘Shop This Post’

Coat : Dorothy Perkins // £55 – 41.25 \\ shop it

Boots : Clarks // £60  \\ shop it

Jeans : River Island // £40 \\ shop it

Top : New Look // £12.99 – £4 \\ shop it

Scarf: Urban Outfitters // £18 \\ shop it

Bag: Kurt Geiger Carvella // £ \\ sold out everywhere (sorry)

Lipstick: Rimmell 800 ‘Under My Spell // £6.99 \\ shop it 


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