Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

Hello lovelies,

That time of year has rolled around again where London gets so much prettier and twinklier and makes me really happy. I visited Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland again this year. If you guys don’t know what Winter Wonderland is then you NEED to check it out; I think there are some good videos of kingdom walk throughs and stuff online for you to look at.

I adored it last year; I visited the Magical Ice Kingdom and was amazed at what you could build with ice. I also got a little tipsy around the live music stage and Christmas tree and went on all the rides! This year was a little different as I did different things but I will insert last year’s pictures here just because I didn’t blog it…


This year, I visited Winter Wonderland with my boyfriend and we had already booked to go ice skating. (Booking is advised because if you turn up on the day and there aren’t any slots available you’ll be disappointed!) It was beautiful! There were fairy lights all above the ice rink and a live band sat around a Christmas tree in the middle of the rink that you skate around. As we were skating and as photos were not allowed to be taken on the ice apparently, we didn’t manage to get a decent photo but I’ll insert the one we did get anyway!

We then went for drinks of course! A beer and a mulled wine later we were on our way, perusing the market stalls. We very nearly purchased two offensively hideous Christmas jumpers but managed to restrain ourselves. Instead, we bought hot dogs from another traditional stall to ensure that we had happy tummys. To end our visit, Adam couldn’t help but have a go on one of the basketball stalls and, after demonstrating his rather impressive sportsman skills, we walked away with an embarrassingly large teddy bear. Before you congratulate Adam, just picture me trying to carry him home on the tube! See the problem?




All in all it was another gloriously festive evening and I will, no doubt, visit again next year!

If you’ve noticed that the last photo is a snapchat then great observation, I actually update my snapchat really regularly with photos and videos so if you’re curious then my snapchat username is: happyhannahlou and I’ll see you soon!

Hannah x


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