Word of The Month: Flourish


Hello lovelies,

August’s word of the month is ‘Flourish’. It seems fitting with the month since summer is here (kind of) and London is full of flowers. It also fits with where I’m at.

August will be the second month of my full time job and I want to do well. I want to expand my experience¬†and change things with a whole new marketing plan and publishing schedule. I want regular readers and I want to make an actual difference ¬†to the company. I want, for want of a better word, to ‘flourish’ there.

I hope to begin writing again or at least read some more. I thought about making this month the ‘month of me’ but I have too many responsibilities this month to think about it. But I want my hobbies to flourish: reading, growing my indoor garden, filling my beautiful home. I want to find a way of making the absolute most of my weekday evenings so that I can be productive in my home life in terms of writing, blogging and reading (because I am totally failing at my reading challenge at the moment).

I want to be better for my family since some members are having the toughest time right now and I need to be better at picking up the phone and being there for them, even if I’m scared too.

There isn’t much of a better word for what I want for August than ‘flourish’.

What will your word be?

H x


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