Word of The Month: Believe


Hello lovelies,

I think I saw this idea in a bullet journaling article. I decided that I was far too wildly creative to organise it into bullet points and sections. Isn’t that what journaling is for? Unrestricted thinking? Anyway, there was talk of using a word for inspiration for the rest of the week or month, or however long you give that word before it expires. I thought it was a good idea to try. The idea is: every month, you think of a word and then you reflect on that word every so often and see if it effects you in a positive way.

Of course, you try and choose something apt so, to you guys, and to future me: July’s word of the month is: Belief.

I thought about this a lot before I picked it. There was another word I wanted to use but…I am writing this on the day before I hear some news and I don’t know if it is going to be good or bad and I fear if it is bad, that word would l wind me up and I’ll feel unable to achieve it.

When I say believe, there are a few effects I want this to have: believe in yourself: you can do anything you put your mind to and a job rejection does not lessen your worth. Believe in the universe: have faith that things happen for a reason and everyone has their place and if something is meant to happen then it will happen regardless and sometimes what we hope for isn’t what the universe wants for us but there is another plan and it will come but on it’s own time.

Believe in other people. Believe in the strength of those who you fear might crack under recent unfortunate news. It feels like the world is throwing more crap at good people but the universe has a plan and people are stronger than you think. Believe in your own strength and be resilient in the face of all things. Once you accept that there is a fate to these things you realise that being negative or holding on to the past doesn’t help, only hinders and wastes more time.

Believe in your projects. The old, the ongoing and the new. The writing, the blog and the job. Do everything with conviction because you believe. Hold it together, lock some stuff down, and if this word isn’t enough then here’s a second one: stability.

Here’s hoping July will be kind to not just myself but all of my loved ones. I am asking for a lot.

H x


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