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I’ve been working from home now for nearly a year and my workspace has changed a lot over time! Since I have a short attention span, I move around a lot so my workspace has to be portable. It also has to be simple – but with everything I need to hand! Over time, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and these are the work from home essentials I’d recommend to anyone and everyone!


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Ergonomic laptop stand

Most freelancers, with the sweet freedom to roam and work wherever, use a laptop. The problem with this is that it’s not very ergonomic. Slouching over a table all day (or the sofa), staring at a screen that’s too low can cause shoulder ache, awful posture and headaches. I have recently tried to rectify this problem with a laptop stand and it has changed my life! If you work from home, definitely make sure your office chair and desktop computer is ergonomic, no matter your preferences!


The all encompassing planner

I have bounced between notebooks, post-its, my iPad GoodNotes app and diaries until finally realising what I need. Social media management requires a lot of juggling! From a whole year of national and international trending topics to paid campaigns, competitions and events, there’s a whole lot to remember! I also have to remember calls, meetings, weekly updates, monthly reports and stat taking. Then there’s invoicing at the right time, chasing payments and updating my taxes. It’s probably also important to note that I’m easily overwhelmed! I’d been looking for a diary that had a monthly, weekly and daily view with room for to-do lists and finally found one! My STIL planner is easily grabbed to check what’s going on and when and is perfect for having a visual, clear schedule!


Work from home phone

I learned early on that it’s hard to detach from work when you work from home. There is no turning off your computer and leaving the office, switched off for the rest of the evening. It’s also a hundred times trickier when you work on a global scale. With international clients, you’re required to take calls on different timezones. The easiest way to ensure that you’re detached from work is to separate your personal and your work phones. That way, you can leave your work phone on silent and in a drawer when it’s time to sign off for the day!


If you’re newly freelance, congratulations! I hope this helps you get the basics! If you’re an old-timer at the work from home life, I’d love to hear your work from home essentials!




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