Zara ‘Office City Bag’ review


The bag that’s had most beauty gurus talking this year is Zara’s ‘Office City Bag’. Its classic black leather look combined with both its size and shape, it is very similar to the Chanel ‘Executive Tote’ bag- but much cheaper! You can choose gold or silver hardware on these office city bags; my bag has gold hardware, not due to any preference over the two but just because it was what was there at the time.

Looks wise, it is undeniably a gorgeous bag! Practically, it can be a little heavy if you pack it to the extreme and the length of the handles make this bag a ‘crook of your arm’ bag rather than a shoulder bag. However, a shoulder strap is included, should you wish to use it! Handy!

When it comes to bags, a girl is either a BIG bag girl or a small bag girl- I am definitely a BIG bag girl! I like to know that I can confidently fit everything but the kitchen sink in my bag! And with the generous dimensions of this particular bag, that’s exactly what I am able to do! Let me take you through the different compartments and explain what I use for what…

The bag has three large zip compartments, perfect for storing notebooks, planners and anything you wish to keep safe and tucked away out of sight! I strongly recommend that you place any money, cards and purses in these compartments! The centre of these three zipped compartments is padded with the purpose of protecting your laptop or notebook. My laptop is the ASUS X501A so it is 16 inches wide! Never fear! It fits in perfectly, though I will just proclaim: a laptop any bigger will NOT fit in this compartment! It is a little snug but can be zipped up and safely hidden away so its perfect!

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 Additionally there are two unzipped compartments, closed only with magnetic buttons. One of these compartments has leather pockets in: a pocket section for cards, a phone compartment and a zipper pocket. The rest of the compartment is left open for whatever you wish to place there.

I tend to put a small jotter pad and pen, some breath mints, my kindle and my planner diary in this compartment- I’d rather not have things like my mobile phone somewhere that can be reached into!

P1010388The other open compartment has a padded zipped compartment intended for tablets. My tablet is the Microsoft Surface which is clearly too large for this compartment. Nonetheless, it would be useful for Ipad users and I’m pretty sure the Galaxy Note would fit in the padded compartment too! Other uses might include a place to put your kindle!

I adore this bag, I think its absolutely beautiful AND I can fit everything I want in it! The one thing I will say about this bag is that the compartment sizes are betters suited to apple users. Macbooks will fit the laptop compartment perfectly, as will the ipad in the tablet section. You may have trouble with wider laptops or tablets.

Other than that, I’d recommend this bag to each and every one of you!!

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