Zodiac Journal – Mapping My 2017

As is tradition, I am starting the new year off with a fresh clean notebook. I usually have this kind of thing organised by September but I held back this year. I just couldn’t find the right one! I’m really sentimental and I have to like the journal enough to maintain it all year. At the end of December, I found this beautiful zodiac journal in Anthropologie. I knew immediately it was the one. Anthropologie always get it right!


anthropologie zodiac journal astrology aries blog review

anthropologie zodiac journal astrology aries blog review



This is the most beautiful journal I have ever seen. There’s no one coloured journal for one zodiac sign. They come in an assortment of colours: grey, blue, pink and white– so you literally don’t know what you’re going to get if you order online! I love that element of surprise!

The inside page also has a lovely little summary of your character. For Aries, it says: ‘honest, optimistic, creative and courageous’. I love that it picks the best traits and reminds you of them!

The vegan leather feels lovely, the astrology design is beautiful and the gold foiled front and page edges combined with the gold pen is a flawless design. The zodiac journal is also pocket size so you can stay on trend with nano handbags and literally take this anywhere. I, personally, can’t wait to take it travelling wherever 2017 takes me so I can remember all the best bits forever.

Immortalise everything on paper to relive your highlight reel in the quiet moments!


anthropologie zodiac journal astrology aries blog review


anthropologie zodiac journal astrology aries blog review


I’ve written an entire post before on why I want to journal successfully. I haven’t written since the summer of 2016 and don’t I know about it! I’ve done all the things and felt all the feels and not written it all out. I need to get back into organising things on paper. I feel like when I journal, I’m taking responsibility for myself rather than moaning to the people around me!

You should also always carry a journal for making notes or collecting ideas. This is especially important if you’re a creative for a living. If I could get back in the swing of jotting blog ideas down (for both work and here) I’d have endless posts! I also know people who have one notebook that they use all year for notes and diary dates interchangeably. I like to keep my schedule in a separate diary and my general notes and thoughts in a notebook so I get to have the fun of choosing both new every year!


If you, too, are a lover of a new notebook for a new year then I highly recommend this zodiac journal. Beautiful, sustainable and quality, it is sure to get you through the year. All you have to do is have the best year yet of new adventures and experiences!


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